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The cash alternative

22nd September 2016

In days gone by people always paid with cash. Then credit cards were introduced and they became the more common method of payment, but there are other options. These days more and more people are choosing to pay for their goods and services through...


Avoiding a large tax bill at the end of the year

15th September 2016

If you’ve just started out in business, tax is probably the last thing on your mind – but it is something that you will need to consider at some point. All businesses are required to pay tax and yours is no exception. So how do you go about it,...


Time to sell your business?

6th September 2016

Is it time to move on, start a fresh business or retire? Has some one made you an offer that is just too good to refuse? Whatever the reason, we sometimes find ourselves in a position to sell our businesses and may not always be sure of the process...


Am I part of the sharing economy?

31st August 2016

Years ago, work was work and hobbies were hobbies – they were very separate activities. But these days more and more the lines between work and hobbies becomes blurred as many of us find we are able to make money doing what we traditionally would...

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Do you earn Personal Services Income?

24th August 2016

It may not a common term that you hear about often but if you are self-employed then you need to be aware of Personal Services Income (PSI) and it may affect you. If your income is earned as a result of your skills and/or personal efforts, you may ...


What can I claim?

19th August 2016

It’s tax time again and that means working out what we can and cannot claim, and if you’re anything like the majority of people you will be sure of some things but not so much others. That’s ok - taxation rules change all the time so you can ...

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Buying or selling high value property

11th August 2016

If you are thinking of buying or selling property in the future, you may need to take into account the new withholding tax that has recently been introduced by the government. The tax applies on all Australian properties where the value is greater than $2,000,000, but of course, as with all taxes, t...

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Depreciation is a good thing!

3rd August 2016

So you’ve just signed a lease on a new premises for your shop - congratulations! There’s lots to do and of course there are significant expenses associated with this, but are you aware that you may potentially be able to recoup a significant portion of your set up costs? Being aware of what i...

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New limits for car expenses

20th July 2016

Claiming car expenses is a fairly common occurrence at tax time, and it makes sense to do so if you use your vehicle for business. There are of course rules and limits, and these do change quite regularly, so having an awareness of th...

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Some tips for BAS returns

14th July 2016

Is completing your monthly or quarterly BAS submission something that you put off till the last minute and something you’re not always sure you get right? You’re not alone. For many small business owners even just the thought of their BAS retur...